Hiiii-iiiiiiii-iiiiii !

I had mac and cheese and a salad but nothing this morning.   I'm not really hungry!   I need a nectarine and some vanilla ice cream. Doesn't that sound perfect?    

salad w croutons./

Hi!  dont you love salad? Three cheers for salad!  I love dressings and all the different kinds.  ee   I did have a piece of cake the other nite but that can't happen again.

hi there .. ..

Hi!  Hope everyone is having a great day.  today is pizza day for me.  but i had a huge salad so its ok for me. 

hi thhhhere!

i had a sandwich and potato salad with vegetables.   the word "vegetables" is like sooooo.....cozy or something !!   I love hot chocolate in the winter.  i was just thinking about that today!   but most of all....SUSHI   im...

the email doesnt work........

it works now!   i just want to say hello!   I had prezels with cheese!   I found a BEAUTIFUL pretzel in a store near the train....pizza pretzels!  I'm going to get one tomorrow.   LOVE YOU!   eeeee

Beauty tips

WATER!   SUSHI!   SALAD!   FRUIT! (i like nectarines and peaches) the occasional tangerine those are great..   RUNNING WALKING SWIMMING   ( SMILING STAYING POSTIIVE, so easy to do sometimes   CLEARING AWAY THE...

An another one! :) ..

An another one!   I love my blogs.  i have nothing else to do sometimes!   Life is like........a beautiful rain   Everything is so nice today.  all is well.   i had the best cookies the other morning.  like really sugary  ...

Hi dears!

Hi doing well.  still looking for things to do.  i bought all of these awesome books!!!! theres nothing better. How to be happy, (although i dont think i need that) and one on reiki (which i totally love) and one on meditation.   Love it!  ...

Hii (iiiii) ;]

Hi!  I'm having a strange day.  It is lovely though.   your friend & fan, EVA TORTORA

love.. and other words

shadow and a rainbow   love to all some sunny sundays are meant for dreaming for starting again   EVA TORTORA

goodnite!!! [wave]

goodnitey!   goodmorningy!   just kidding.  just goodnitey.   in the morning we can say goodmorningy.   i havent done too many photos.  i have to get back into that.  i have to find my camera amoung the laundry.   enjoy!...

Hi! Sunny day

hello sunny day   all is well   love to everyone   light and life   and all things beautiful Have a great day!

Hi dears!!!

Long time no speak! I've been so busy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! eating watermelon and hot dogs and then writing about the hotdogs!!!!!!!!!!! enjoying summer, having a blast i'm going the beach this saturday WOOHOO!~ YEEHAW!!!!!!!!!! eatin...


Hi there!   How is everybody doing????   I made the most beautiful videos for you tube....I am not in them....about wellness, self care, beauty etc. but I havent' done anytyhing with them.  I just love them.   I hope I can put them...