Hi there!

I'm taking as many photos as possible.  Some of them are cute!  I want to do my nails red but they are silver now.  I love red nails in photos.  short clipped cleaned red nails.  Love that!  with a shine of coarse.  Very nice!   Im having iced...


hi dearhearts   happy weekend   im adding more pics to my facebook theyre really beautiful   m trying to think of more healthy positive ideas.   i thought of a few ;]   trying to get as much exposure as possble...


Hi there!   How is everybody doing????????   I feel great!   I know how supportive people are of me   I just submitted some photos.   But my computer can never open the software to submit its wierd   ...

Eva's thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yayyyyy

Hi!   So how are we ALREADY enjoying the long weekend?   It's almost here!   I am going to a barbeque tomorrow! YAYYYYYYY! How is everyone? This is so exciting! Sunday I'm going to a museam. Monday I am sleepin'...

Hi there

i went to the beautiful church nearby   i had sushi///spicy salmon I always eat the raw fish   trying to smile! :) not hard after all of that   cheers to my lovely fans....do something special for yourself today!


Hi everyone!  How are you doing? I'm having a wonderful day.  I went out to breakfast with an old friend and he gave me the most perfect dragon.  like a little lucky dragon and its so beautiful.

Hi! I'm back

The pizza was amazing.   i got my friend a 99cent iced tea too!   sushi tonite.   i eat really healthy.

Hi guys!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi there!  How is everyone???????  How is every little thing?   I'm having the wierdest day :) :) :)   I love so many great songs out there.   I was watching the music chanel the other day.   I love doing that!  ...


Hi!  Im with a friend, enjoy your weekend!   Weekend are great fun!   a great place to feel groovy   enjoy!

Hi & thanks

thanks for reading this   i want to put something special in this email today for everyone reading.   SMILE!   i want to do an art piece with big cartoon-ish flowers and on it write "WAKE UP!" smell the roses!   i...

just thought!

Hi   I just thought of something...........   thoughts an sunshine :)----->------<</p>    


Hi!  Im listening to this lovley music in starbucks   an im feeling awesome!  i had an orange drink   i want to start my own business im going to the store later to look around for some ideas   I'm so excited to begin a new...

I'm baaack

Hi  I'm back!   So how is everyone? I just want things to turn out WELL.  I want to be happy with the end result.  That is all I ask.    ......it takes time.   Its hard to build something really positive............but I do it....



Lucky light lunch. :() enjoy!! ** *

HI!   I think I'm more like of an....entrepenur.   Now I just have to think of something to start up!   I have a few ideas.........................   Im having grilled turkey and cheese for lunch with a huge salad. ...


Hi!  I just had a tuna sandwich.  no mayo.  sort of strange.  i cried.   BUT with the lettuce and tomato, I sort of understand.   i get it.   Muah!


HEY IM JUST ABOUT TO HAVE LUNCH LUNCH IS AWESOME IS THERE ANYTHING BETTER THAN "having a lunch"   YOU CAN forget all your worries before and you will probbaly forget them after   LOVE YA!   enjoy lunch!