Have faith! * :)

You can create happiness! Try smiling! Try changing your perspective! Each day is a new start to do our best. We are all unique and all have gifts to offer!   ********************** luv EvA.


thoughts and worlds, and pink summer sun in winter when the winds blown on finding love in the strangest places here in the opera or away at the races   Luv, EvA

Snow, snow, snow!

Lights, wind, sun...........happy almost valentines day!   enjoy!  you are special and wonderful!   Eva.


on snowy days, on rainy days, all year round...   you are special!  and magical and wonderful!   keep smiling!   love Eva.

Today is a bright day!

Enjoy your life...take things one minute at a time!   You can create certain positivity in your life!   You are beautiful, unique and wonderful!   Love, Eva. poet and writer and artist

Sunlight on wednesday poem

brings hope and cheer to friends fans and love each love new as the day passes waiting for hope and light here...................................


Good afternoon!   Keep smiling!