I'm losing track of the numbers here!   How the hey are ya?   I've decided to call this book "letters to sushi" Very catchy! Soooooo I got a job!   But it might not happen!   WOOHOO! Whenever I have to wake...


Dont you love comedy? Is there anything  more endearing?   I had a baked potato with salad.  It was a blast.   Does it ever worry you to wear the wrong clothes for the wrong weather? An not only are they wrong, but they are...


I have four minutes to write a letter.   "four minutes"  What can I do in four minutes??????   What can I possibly do??????   I can sing. "yadda.....yaddaeeee............."   That was gorgoues!  Right on.   So...


Hi there! I almost got a sandwich this morning.....but then I got a crossaint.  It was sad, because I really wanted the sandwich.   I felt sad about that.   But then, I got to work, an cheered the hey up.   I think I could...

EBOOK page 6

You missed the other pages, sorry.   I'm not leaving them in my inbook due to inappropriateness an the possibility of it.   Right now, nothing is perfect, but everything is.  how nice is that?   I'm waiting for lunch.  The...

I'm writing an ebook.

OK.  Soooooo I'm writing an ebook.   AHHHH!  SCARY!  You may say.  How do you have stuff to write about for that long? How is this possible? How does it work?   It works.  And it works, BIG TIME.   I was going through a...

Eva's thoughts..........

Hi!  guess what I'm thinking about? sushi!   Is there anything better?   I think its the seaweed.   Anyway, I'm looking for work as usual ;]   Looking for work at work............what can be more fun...........thinking...


Hi!   I'm going in to the city tonite, I usually dont go after work but I'm going today.  ITs going to be really hard to avoid the sushi.  the BESSSSST sushi place ever is near west 14th.  i love sushi more than anything in the world.  dont...


I want to learn cooking.   Wouldnt it be so interesting to take a cooking class?   I also want to start excersizing.  It seems like such an AWESOME thing to do.   My hair is my favorite color- it's natural color.  Like a light brown....

Hi and love.

Hi and love to everyone.   Theres a beautiful church next to where  I work.  Its nice.   Okay love ya!   EVA

Hello to everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Hi an much love!   Hope everyone has a happy New Years!   Things are going well for me.  I miss the summer!  Does anyone miss the summer? Summer, where are you?   I was on the beach all summer- I worked on the beach!  We really...


Today is a lasange-free day.  There is no lasagne today.   There's something creepy about eating a huge meal right before a holiday isn't it?   Like being full before a holiday dinner?   scary!   Thanks for reading this.

Hi just checking in

Hi to everyone!   I have to find some eggnog.  Sugary, but the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll have to go look for some.   Thank you!   Happy holidays!   Hope everyone is well!   EVA

thinking of friends & family.

Hi!  I'm thinking of new ideas.   admist the new ideas,   How is everyone for the holiday?   thinking of you.  XOXOXOXOXOX   Evie

Hi just sending a hello

Hi!  I'm in Coney Island near the beach.     Everything is ok!  Much love to everyone.   Have a great weekend.   Love, Eva

ideas an thoughts

HI!   I wore my hair extensions today.  right on! an a dress an some jewlery. awesome!  an wonderful black Nine West Heels. clip clop!    Awesome  

a rainy hello.

Hi an hope you are finding this rain totally awesome.   Everything is TOTALLY great .  I had spaghetti twice.   how silly.


its fun to sit an think on weekends   chocolate pancakes cherries whip cream   cherries whip cream chocolate   yum!


on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ring, ring!   :)