roses in snow

Thought that is a nice title for a painting. Or "marigolds in snow" Life can be magic, and productivity and creativity are possible!!!! "Winter's paper roses" may be a nice title for something. 🌷🌸🌹🌼🌻🌺 

HI and luv.

luv to everyone, and, smile!!!!! ~* you are beautiful *~   Eva :) :) :)


hazelnut coffee + breakfast + writing = great day!!!!!!!!   enjoy the sunshine!!!!!!!   *


Sending a warm hello.  Be greatful, proud and happy!   Love Eva :) :) :)


Had a cherry cheese danish and iced coffee.  was so good! i wanted a sandwich.    love light and other words, your fan, Eva :)

~~rainy tuesday~~

Sending a warm hello to everyone, be well and **********make a wish************   love, Eva.

Hi everyone!

Think positive, have a positive attititude, remember you are loved and I am always proud!   XOXO   EVA :) :)

Everyday is a great day!

Smile!  You are doing better than you think!  Remember to be greatful!  Life has so many magical surprises and so many great things!   luv, EVA :) :)

Have faith! * :)

You can create happiness! Try smiling! Try changing your perspective! Each day is a new start to do our best. We are all unique and all have gifts to offer!   ********************** luv EvA.


thoughts and worlds, and pink summer sun in winter when the winds blown on finding love in the strangest places here in the opera or away at the races   Luv, EvA