Hi just checking in

Hi to everyone!   I have to find some eggnog.  Sugary, but the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!  I'll have to go look for some.   Thank you!   Happy holidays!   Hope everyone is well!   EVA

thinking of friends & family.

Hi!  I'm thinking of new ideas.   admist the new ideas,   How is everyone for the holiday?   thinking of you.  XOXOXOXOXOX   Evie

Hi just sending a hello

Hi!  I'm in Coney Island near the beach.     Everything is ok!  Much love to everyone.   Have a great weekend.   Love, Eva

ideas an thoughts

HI!   I wore my hair extensions today.  right on! an a dress an some jewlery. awesome!  an wonderful black Nine West Heels. clip clop!    Awesome  

a rainy hello.

Hi an hope you are finding this rain totally awesome.   Everything is TOTALLY great .  I had spaghetti twice.   how silly.


its fun to sit an think on weekends   chocolate pancakes cherries whip cream   cherries whip cream chocolate   yum!


on the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   ring, ring!   :)


BRRRR its cold with the airconditioner, but really warm outside!   how silly.

oh hiiiii

everything is totally going great.  i give it a thumbs up.  a total thumbs up.  Thank you an love you.

Eva Tortora

Hi!  Everything is fine I've just been home a lot.  My sister and her husband are living with me.  Thank you to thoughts.com for letting me express my feelings!