Sending love, peace, hope and creativity!  Keep writing!   Eva.

poem by eva juliette

Light, love and luck Fill my aura today In steps of glory And hope and faith Light love and luck Surround me now Even when I'm down And don't know how Light love and luck Glue me together I'm flying high With pieces...

cute idea

Museum of tons and tons of roses! A rose museum! ❤

few poems i like better, by eva

1. Art is breaking Over my shoulder Like doves in ice In Wednesday bliss 2. Love and coffee I don't know which to run from first Sitting in sand, then snow Then in a dream of your footprints under mine.

poem by eva

You and your sunflowers On hot summer days In light and wisdom

little poem by eva ❤

I'm under the rain The roof of your thoughts Listening like daisies Growing in the ocean Like Spring climbing towards the moon Like Silence ❤

Poems by EvA......enjoy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rows of roses and me and my umbrella singing you to sleep *************************************** step by step counting the stars falling on me gently *************************************** carousels and picnics dancing the...

Little poem.

Little poem   "counting roses like days passing and clouds in the sky remembering to let go and sing a prayer from here to you and from you to here again counting footprints like roses remembering to let go and...